Sunday, July 03, 2005

Family Madness

So my parents came down this weekend to visit. I enjoy seeing them of course but why does everything have to be so difficult? They know Elizabeth has a schedule and I do my best to keep her on it. No, I'm not a drill sergeant. I just know that she does better when she knows what is going to happen when. I've tried to explain this but it does not sink in. They are ready to go out when it is about time to feed her. Let me feed her and then we will go out. Also there is this big thing about food with them. My husband and I usually only eat dinner and we do that on a whim. Everything is not planned out. So my Mom makes this huge dinner and then fusses because she does not like the meat. Of course since she does not like the meat she does not like any of it. In turn this makes Dad mad because he is the one who made the meat. I've noticed that she always has something to say about the food not being right no matter who makes it, it is this way if we go out to eat somewhere as well. Then because she would not eat last night of course she is hungry today. Nobody else is because they ate. So once again the great food debate begins!

Another thing, just because it is not your house does not make it right to trash it! My Mom is like a neat freak in her house, she is always cleaning. Very annoying. I keep my house clean but I don't have a broom in hand at all times. So I ponder this...If you can empty the coffee maker, the filter, put dishes in a dishwasher at home why does this not enter your brain when you are at my house??

I feel so worn out when they leave. Don't get me wrong I love having them here. I love watching them get to know Elizabeth and to watch her play with them. I guess I am just use to being by myself all during the week.

During the weekend I did get to go to Target. I LOVE TARGET. I bought Elizabeth two outfits. One is a dress and the other is a shirt and skirt set. I wanted to buy a little dress with a cherry on it but it was missing the bloomers to it. No problem I thought I would just get them to mark it down. Took it up to the customer service desk and asked. They would only take $2 off of it so I said "No Thanks." Geez, half the item was missing!

I need to get some pictures taken and post them. My "Itty Bitty" is awake so I must go.


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