Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas Dilemmas

My my. The malls and stores are CRAZY! I am usually already done with my Christmas shopping. I guess having a baby throws off your game. I still need to get T something else, my dad and my mother something. I have no idea what to get any of them. I hate getting presents that are not thoughtful so I hate giving them. I want to get something that they like not just something to say I got them something. Ahhh!

I went to Things Remembered last night just to get two little heart charms engraved to make a bracelet for my sister-n-law and one for my sister. Usually something like that they can do in 5 seconds. Last night the line was out the door and there was no way I was leaving with my engraved hearts in tow that night. I will have to get them tomorrow as T forgot to get my pickup slip when he left for work this morning.

How do you do Christmas? We always did Christmas on Christmas day when we were little then in the afternoon we would go over to our grandparents and do Christmas there. Now that I am grown and live 5 hours from my family there is no way T and I can do Christmas with Itty Bitty at our house Christmas morning and then run over to the grandparents. We either have to give up our little family Christmas at our house or being with the rest of the family. I envy those that have all their family in one town. I want to have Christmas with Itty Bitty in her own house but want to see the rest of the family as well. This year we are going to go to Greenville for Christmas. Next year is up in the air. Any ideas??

Itty Bitty is trying to erase my post and biting my knee because I won't let her. I shall go before it gets erased or I have no knee left.


Blogger Tijmetje said...

I love the Christmas pictures you posted on the other blog (and the one on this one as well). The effects of the lights is simply magical.

Around here, we don't do Christmas with gifts. In my family, anyway. It's just a great family dinner, which is very nice.
Especially last year, when most things were vegan.
Looking up a dead Turkey's body makes me sad.

As to where you celebrate...

It's pretty easy with my family. One set of grandparents doesn't do Christmas all big, and the other side is relatively small. My grandma lives around the corner, and my aunt loves to come over.

However, now that I have a boyfriend, it's gotten a little trickier, especially when you consider we don't even live in the same country.
Last year he came here, this year I'm going to his family (tomorrow, yay!).
I'll miss my family's Christmas, but we had a lovely evening for Sinterklaas, so I don't mind too much.

9:04 AM  
Blogger ***melanie*** said...

She looks so cute in that pic. I hope you had a fabulous christmas!!

10:37 PM  

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