Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Fourth of July Firsts

This 4th of July was Elizabeth's first. We had a great time! We slept in til around 9 a.m. At least Elizabeth and I did. Daddy T slept in til about 11:30 a.m. I can sleep longer normally but Thomas snores extremely bad which keeps us girls from being able to slumber. I got her fed, jumped in the shower, got dressed, cleaned the house and made something for brunch. We then sat around for a few minutes just talking an such. We saw the Noon News and heard that there were sharks swimming around close to the beach near where we live. I thought it would be cool to go down to the beach and see if I could get some nice pictures. So we loaded up!

It was a nice drive to the beach. I am the type of person who likes to just get out and drive and see the sights. We finally got to the beach and found an area that was not crowded with people. We took Elizabeth out on the beach in her stroller and let her look at it while still sitting in it. She seemed pretty interested and started trying to raise herself up to get out. We took her out and Daddy T held her and she just smiled and babbled while watching the tide come in and go out. She was aware every time a sea gull flew over and then the big bird that came down the beach really got her attention. Beach patrol was in a helicopter checking for sharks. Daddy T held her by the arms so she could "walk" on the beach. The tide would come in and splash her on the legs. I think she really likes the water. My little beach baby! We did not stay out there long because I did not want her to get sunburned. I think she really enjoyed her first trip to the beach. She threw a little fit when we left. By the way, we did not see any sharks.

After the beach we came home and got stuff together so we could go watch the fireworks. We drove into Beaumont around 7 p.m. On the way we saw a wreck. I believe a guy rolled his pick-up truck. It was a one vehicle accident. The truck was in the median of the interstate and the service road. People were gathered in the grass and when we passed by we could see the guy laying out there with blood on him. I hate to see accidents. It does give you an incentive to slow down and drive careful. So on to the more exciting stuff. We sat up our chairs on a nice grassy lawn. Inspected for ants and mosquitoes, all clear. We thought that it would be the perfect spot to view the fireworks. We sat and talked, played with Elizabeth and just watched the people until dark. "Itty Bitty" did very well. She was not fussy at all. It finally got dark and the fireworks started. Well our perfect spot was not so perfect. Pandemonium broke out when everyone realized that the lovely building next to us blocked half of the fireworks. People were running, chairs unwillingly being dragged behind them. We were more calm than the others, I guess all the others had never seen fireworks before. We made our way to a better view and Elizabeth was in awe. She turned her blue eyes to the night sky and watched as the brightly colored lights swirled in the sky. Not a whimper or a jump at the noise. I loved watching her. She is amazing!

We had a wonderful 4th with our little family. I hope everyone else did.


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Hey woman! LOVE the blog! I love the 100 things about you. What a neat thing to do! I know what you mean about longing for a close girlfriend. Sometimes I get lonely here too. Lucy just spent 45 minutes SCREAMING due to teething! I need to be online more so we can chat!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the name of your blog, and I had no idea you collect teapots! How cute! I love your writing style.

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