Thursday, February 02, 2006

Still Here

I am still here, floating around somewhere. I am going insane with this house. It has got to get finished. I am so tired of sleeping on an air mattress. There are so many things I need to get done. I need to get on some sort of schedule. I want to start a workout plan. Thinking about going to Curves. I had a "friend" that said she wanted to do it with me but is now backing out. will be just me and my fat all alone jiggling on the machines. I know I need to do this. I need to get active and healthy. I want to get pregnant again and I had such a hard time last time. Maybe it was due to weight or maybe not. But I DO know that I have a mutated gene that makes it easy for my blood to clot, which is never a good thing. I figure it would be easier to start being active now and then get preggers then to do it in reverse order. I went to good ole Wal-Mart last night and put a few workout outfits on layaway. It's a start isn't it? At least I will have a good wardrobe!!

I need to get my camera cleaned out since it is totally full. I am so scared to delete them though, afraid I will put them on the computer and it will crash and all my memories captured will be lost forever. Elizabeth had her 1st Birthday and I have all of the pictures from it to show. She was such a cutie pie!! Got a little fussy at the end but she did really well. She had her own little cake and mushed it all over and took her very slow sweet time opening gifts.

I am awful with this blogging thing, I really want to get better at it. I should just set aside a time and do it. Thing is all my time seems to fly by and nothing gets done.

I found this new thing called FLYing and I am thinking about trying it out... Who knows, it might work. So I want to start Curving and Flying!!


Blogger ***melanie*** said...

Hi there! Good to hear you're still around. I've heard really good things about Curves, you should give it a try. My boyfriend has a blood clotting disorder. He has to take coumadin every day. I know that when he's working out, he never gets clots.

When you empty out your camera, you should upload the pics to a flickr account or something so that they are also stored online, and maybe burn them to a CD too so that you'll have lots of extra back-ups.

If you don't mind me putting in too mych of my own advice, I think that if you did curves and weight watchers, you'd see amazing results. I do weight watchers for a couple months every year and lose about 10 pounds each year that I actually keep off. That way I'm not on a diet year round, but have slowly getting down to a weight I am comfortable with. My friend did it with me and she lost about 20 ounds, got pregnant and talked to her docotr and her doctor said she could stay on the diet while pregnant. She is due on April 4th and she has only gained 8 pounds with her pregnancy (last time she gained i think like 30), so shen she gives birth she is actually going to weigh less than she did when she got preggers.

anyway, sorry for going on and on. You can always email me if you want some encouragement :)

1:18 PM  
Blogger Tijmetje said...

Melanie's tip on CDs and photo blogs are very good. And will save you computer memory.

I don't know much about losing weight, but I think it's very cool that you're so serious about it. Just imagine me being your own personal cheerleader when you exercise ;). has some nice info on nutrition, though. And recipes! I think doctor McDougall ( is particularly into weightloss. Or just healthy eating, not sure. Worth checking out, anyway.
It's all veg, but don't worry about that. You don't have to be veggie to eat yummy veggie meals.

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