Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Rashes and Vomit, Joy!

Yesterday evening greeted me with rashes and vomit. You would think both were on or a product of the baby but only one was hers. I felt awful domestic yesterday and took advantage of it. I cleaned the house, did several loads of laundry, baked a cake and then made dinner. I was not able to get the cake frosted before Thomas came home because I did not have any frosting in the house. A quick call to him and frosting arrived when he got off of work. After I fed Elizabeth I handed her off to Daddy T so I could go frost the cake. Mid-frosting I hear this frantic "Amber come get her, get her now, get her now!!" I run into the living room while licking frosting from my fingers so I did not get her dirty. I guess I did not have to worry about that. During the pass off from Daddy T to me I get vomitted on. I took her to the changing table to wipe her off and to change her clothes and out came more of the slimy stuff. Needless to say a bath was in order. Apparently Daddy T was letting her suck and chew on his thumb and she gagged herself.

I was reading on the internet when Thomas asks "Do we have any allergy medicine?" I asked him "Why?" He said "Look." He raised up his shirt and his whole torso was covered in a welp. He has broken out like this before when he drank iced tea. Yes, he is allergic to tea. Only person I know who is. We are not sure what he is allergic to now. Could it be the Kool-Aid he drank?

After getting Elizabeth fed and put to bed and doctoring Thomas' rash I was able to enjoy my cake. Let them have cake!


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