Friday, July 08, 2005

$1.37 for 20 oz?

So I was having a Dr. Pepper fit last night as I have not had one in 3 days. I know, drink more water. Well water and everything else was not cutting it. I guess the 2 year old alcohol in the cabinet might work but I passed. I just want a Dr. Pepper. Thomas would not go buy me one so I left Elizabeth with him and drove to the corner store to get it myself. I had a free cap for a 1 liter but of course the store was not a 1 liter kind of store. I grab the 20 oz out of the cooler and head up to the counter. Cha Ching... "$1.37 Please", says the lady behind the register. I hope she did not notice my look of disbelief on my face. What happened to $0.98 drinks? I was disappointed in the price hike but needed my precious Dr. Pepper anyway. I savored every last drop of it because who knows when I can bring myself to pay that again. Probably in another 3 days when the I loose the struggle to resist.

So blogs are interesting, I have discovered this. Thank you Rachel for getting me addicted. I hope one day more people start reading my ramblings. For some reason reading about others life's is an intriguing thing. I did read one blog that was very disturbing. I found it off of Yahoo!'s homepage. It was the blog of the man, Duncan, who possibly killed 3 people and kidnapped Shasta and Dylan in Idaho. What is sad is he was posting about crimes and such and no one ever reported it.

My "Itty Bitty" is teething I believe. I can not see any thing poking through yet but the slobber gates are open. Swim at your own risk. Her gums also look swollen. Anything that gets near her mouth does not have a fighting chance of staying dry. She has been a bit fussy. Last night I don't know what I was thinking. Me? Alone time? No way. I got her to sleep, it was about 11:30 p.m., and I decided I would go sit in the jacuzzi tub and just relax in the peace. Half way through I heard this blood curdling crying coming from the bedroom. How could this be? Could she sense I was not in there and that I was actually trying to enjoy something? I think so. Out of the tub I got and by the time I got back to the bedroom there she lays, asleep looking like an angel. Sighs.


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