Saturday, March 04, 2006

POAS Syndrome

I've got it. I did it. I Pee'd On A Stick. The stick was broken, it had to be. Maybe it was because it was an off-brand stick? Back to reality. The stick wasn't broken or bad because it was an off-brand. It just did not reveal the sign I wanted it to. I don't know why I did it. I could not resist any longer. I should be getting a visit from Aunt Flo in about 2-3 days. My little chart says it should start the 5th. I want to see a different sign. The + sign that brought a rush of joy over my body in May of '04. I remember that morning, I dreaded POAS. I had POAS so many times before and got the - sign every time. Why would that morning be any different? It was because God had blessed me with my amazing little girl.

POAS at 4 a.m.
Lay it carefully as the instructions say
Try not to peek before the time instructed
Peek anyway
Big smile
Never smile this big this early
Tell the dog as he is the only one up, he will keep the secret
Get back in bed
Send up a praise and a prayer
Gently kiss the Father
Send him off to work
Buy early Father's Day card
Wait for his return, the wait is long
Go out to eat
Waiter brings gift bag
Unknowing Father confused, "This is not mine"
Waiter insists, "You are the 50th customer in our promotional give away"
He reaches in, pulls out a card that reads Thomas

He questions, "How do they know my name?"
New Mother coaches him to open it
Finally he knows, "Really?" he exclaims
Tears flow
And two became three


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