Saturday, July 09, 2005

Potty Trained at 6 months

Okay, so she is not potty trained but don't tell her that. Elizabeth pooped not once but twice in the potty yesterday. No, she didn't voluntarily go poop on the pot. At the first sign of a grunt I whisked her away to the bathroom. She seemed very content pooping and looking around at the stuff in the bathroom. It was too cute to see her little 11 pound body sitting on a huge potty. I have pictures of poo to prove it.

Yesterday was SO boring. Thomas took off half a day from work. I thought it would be nice to spend some time with him. Wrong. All he did was sleep. He slept in the recliner then somehow managed to land his lifeless body across me and continue to snore. I made him move and he got up and found his way to the bed. I got fustrated with him. I want to spend time with him, not spend time watching or listening to him sleep. My day should have went like this:

1. Thomas calls and say "Honey, I'm on my way home to be with you and Elizabeth."
2. Thomas arrives home with a bouquet of flowers.
3. Thomas gives me a big hug and says "I love you."
4. Thomas tells me he is taking me out for a nice dinner.
5. We go out to dinner and a nice conversation.
6. Come home and put baby to bed and then put ourselves to bed.

Why can men not get hints? I don't mean subtle hints either. Hints like

ME: "There is Applebee's!", "I wish our town had and Applebee's, it sure sounds good."

Thomas: "Do you want something from Jack in the Box?"

Me: "No thanks, I'll pass on Jack in the Crack." "Applebee's is right down the road."

Thomas: "Ok." as he continues to drive past Applebee's.

How much clearer could it have got unless I said "Man, take me to Applebee's right now!!" I guess that is what I will have to start doing. I just want him to put a little effort in to being thoughtful, ya know?


Blogger Lucy's Capers said...

OH MY GOSH I AM PEEING MYP ANTS you guys are SO much like us!!!!! hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the first time S gave me flowers I had to have my friend tell him to do it! :) and why is it they want to watch tv instead of talk???????????
email me your #., i want to call tomorrow.

3:21 PM  

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