Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Happy 6 Month Birthday "Itty Bitty"!!

Dear Elizabeth,

Today you turn six months old! It seems like it was just yesterday that I gave birth to you and we started this journey. You are an amazing little person. There is no one like you. I love watching you grow everyday, you discover something new all of the time. You have come very far since you were born. You had a rocky start and still have many hurdles to overcome but you have a very strong spirit and will. Some things you do now are:

  1. You have excellent head control, you have had this since the day you were born. At 3 days old you would pick your head off of the bed and turn it from side to side.
  2. You sit with little support.
  3. You try your best to roll onto your belly, you could do it if your owie was not in the way.
  4. You try to get traction to crawl when we place you on your belly but due to your owie you can't quite make it, again if your owie was not in the way I think you'd be on the move.
  5. You make kiss-smack noises.
  6. You recognize Mommy, Daddy and your puppy, Murphy.
  7. You eat formula with rice cereal and you LOVE solid foods as long as I feed you them with a feeder. You do not care for the spoon too much.
  8. You have great hand-eye control.
  9. Anything and everything you get your hands on goes into your mouth.
  10. I think you are teething, there is drool everywhere.
  11. You suck your thumb only when it is night-night time, you have not used a pacifier in about 2 months.
  12. You LOVE your Daddy, you can hear him from a mile away and start searching for him. Once you spot him your face lights up and a huge grin forms. I love watching you watching him.
  13. You smile and "talk" all of the time. You squeal when you are happy.

I snuggled with you in bed this morning and sang you "Happy Birthday" (my version) and you smiled at me and looked at me like I was crazy. I talked to you and wondered what you would be like in another 6 months. I am sure you will be even more amazing. I look forward to seeing you grow and develop you little personality. I love you VERY much and Daddy does too. You are a blessing from God and I thank Him for that every day.




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