Thursday, September 15, 2005

PMS and Other Rants and Some Raves

Gaw, today is just not my day. Before you read this entry might have TMI in it.

Rant number 1:

My back is just absolutely killing me! I have 2 herniated disks in my lower back but here lately they have not given me any trouble so I think it is because I am PMS'n all over the place here. I can barely bend over. Beth wants to get in the floor and play but of course I have to pick her up at some point and it just hurts. I have SO much I need to be doing to the house, cleaning it for one. I need to do laundry but that involves bending over and stuff and it is just not my cup of tea right now. This is also my first period off of coumadin since I had "Itty Bitty". When I was taking the meds my periods were easy, lot of stuff coming out, but it did not hurt at all and I can't remember when my back hurt this bad during a cycle. Argh!! So as you can tell I am not preggers this month. That is okay. My poor house. My parents are coming tomorrow and it is a mess.

Rant number 2:

I finally got my stuff from the post office yesterday to do my bracelets but the charms I purchased to put on them are WAY to small. The bracelet over powers the charm. If I got a bracelet with that size charm on it I would not like it a bit. So I decided to send them back and find another dealer to buy the charms from, go ahead and just buy them now instead of waiting til the others reached the other company. Easy enough? WRONG!! First I have no car to go to the post office to return the charms and then my credit card I am using won't let me have credit for the money I have already paid them! What the crap? Apparently you can only pay you limit amount once in a month's period. Say you have a $300 limit then $300 is all you can pay. I paid the card off and then re-charged it up and then made another payment on it but they won't put it on the card b/c I have already paid the amount once this month. Ahhhhhhhhh! This is crazy in my opinion but I guess it does not matter b/c that is the way Capital One works. "what's in YOUR Wallet?" Not CO anymore!

Rant 3:

T!! So as I am in my search of how I can pull off buying my charms now I look at the online statements for another credit card and find a charge for something I did not recognize. It was $15 to a Cattle Co. I called my dear husband at work and asked him. He said, "I went out to lunch last week with some of the guys at work, I thought they were paying but it didn't turn out that way." Ok, I asked him "Well why did you not say anything before now?" Him, "I did not think it was a big deal." Me: "It won't be a big deal if you would just tell me stuff instead of me having to find it out." I tell him EVERYTHING I buy even if it costs $2.00. *sighs* Why does he think I do not have a right to know stuff. It is not that hard to just mention going out to eat. His excuse will probably be "I forgot." How do you forget you just spent $15 on lunch at a steak house. He is like talking to a brick wall. What if I looked at the statement and it had not posted and I charged something on the card thinking that I had enough room on it and we went over. Then would it be "not a big deal"?

Ok on to the Raves....

Rave 1:

I am on my period and I can use that as an excuse to order Pizza tonight for super. I am.

Rave 2:

We got a call from "Itty Bitty's" pedi last night and told us that we could take her off of her apnea monitor totally.

Rave 3:

Beth sort of crawled last night using a scoot/crawl combo! She was so cute, sort of looked like one of those frogs with sticky feet. She made it across the floor in no time flat.

Rave 4:

I have a beautiful daughter and a husband that does love me (he just has some issues).


Blogger R said...

love the rants and raves! too funny!

i am sorry about the hard periods. I know what you mean...they SUCK! I haven't had one though for 16 months. I know when I get it it will be BAD!


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