Thursday, September 22, 2005

Stay AWAY Rita!!!

Ok, I am scared! I do not know if I will have a house when I get back home or if T will have a job. Hurricane Rita has turned toward Port Arthur, Tx which is about 45-50 mins from my house in Evadale. We now have a mandatory evac in order there. I came up to Greenville last Sunday to spend time with family here so they could see Elizabeth. Now I am not down there to pack up important things that have sentimental value to me. I have gotten T to gather a few things but there is so much that he does not have time or room to bring.

He had to stay until this morning because his job at the ExxonMobil plant would not close. Apparently they decided to close last night but since he is new to the plant he was not on the call list. He showed up this morning around 5:30 only to be told at 6:30 that he was not suppose to be there. He stayed for a while calling others to let them know who also was not on the call list. Now he is home trying to get packed and get out. He thinks that he can make the drive in 8 hours, it normally takes around 5. I think it will be MUCH longer. We have family that called and said he could stop by their house in Lufkin and take a rest if he is too tired.

T said a family that goes to our church has no where to go and most of the shelters are filling up fast in the Dallas area so they might all end up at my parents house, all 7 of them.

We are suppose to be getting 130 mph winds where we live. Pray that not much damage is done.


Blogger Am said...

I will keep you in my prayers!

7:40 AM  
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