Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Rita Aftermath

We went back home the Sunday after Hurricane Rita. The drive home was slow, tiring and worrisome. The closer we got to our hometown the worse the damage was. Trees everywhere, lines down and homes gone. We had to wait in line at the gas stations for a very long time. Most were all out of gas and the ones who did had lines miles long. We finally made it to our street, we turned and both entrances to our house had trees blocking the road. We had to maneuver around them, partly driving in yards. I just knew looking at the damage to the other homes on our circle ours would echo the same. Houses were gone, trees in roofs. We rounded the curve and there my house stood. Yes, it stood as if nothing had happened. We had two limbs down. One of the limbs T sawed on before the storm and got tired, gave up and said he would let the wind take care of it. We did have minor roof damage and water got in the master bedroom. Everything else was untouched, a miracle.
We are still without power and water was just turned back on. I am STILL at my parents house. T went back to work at the first of this week. I already miss him. Hopefully by the weekend our house will have power and I can go back home to stay for awhile. I am going to add some pictures of what the storm left behind.


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