Thursday, September 22, 2005

Stay AWAY Rita!!!

Ok, I am scared! I do not know if I will have a house when I get back home or if T will have a job. Hurricane Rita has turned toward Port Arthur, Tx which is about 45-50 mins from my house in Evadale. We now have a mandatory evac in order there. I came up to Greenville last Sunday to spend time with family here so they could see Elizabeth. Now I am not down there to pack up important things that have sentimental value to me. I have gotten T to gather a few things but there is so much that he does not have time or room to bring.

He had to stay until this morning because his job at the ExxonMobil plant would not close. Apparently they decided to close last night but since he is new to the plant he was not on the call list. He showed up this morning around 5:30 only to be told at 6:30 that he was not suppose to be there. He stayed for a while calling others to let them know who also was not on the call list. Now he is home trying to get packed and get out. He thinks that he can make the drive in 8 hours, it normally takes around 5. I think it will be MUCH longer. We have family that called and said he could stop by their house in Lufkin and take a rest if he is too tired.

T said a family that goes to our church has no where to go and most of the shelters are filling up fast in the Dallas area so they might all end up at my parents house, all 7 of them.

We are suppose to be getting 130 mph winds where we live. Pray that not much damage is done.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

PMS and Other Rants and Some Raves

Gaw, today is just not my day. Before you read this entry might have TMI in it.

Rant number 1:

My back is just absolutely killing me! I have 2 herniated disks in my lower back but here lately they have not given me any trouble so I think it is because I am PMS'n all over the place here. I can barely bend over. Beth wants to get in the floor and play but of course I have to pick her up at some point and it just hurts. I have SO much I need to be doing to the house, cleaning it for one. I need to do laundry but that involves bending over and stuff and it is just not my cup of tea right now. This is also my first period off of coumadin since I had "Itty Bitty". When I was taking the meds my periods were easy, lot of stuff coming out, but it did not hurt at all and I can't remember when my back hurt this bad during a cycle. Argh!! So as you can tell I am not preggers this month. That is okay. My poor house. My parents are coming tomorrow and it is a mess.

Rant number 2:

I finally got my stuff from the post office yesterday to do my bracelets but the charms I purchased to put on them are WAY to small. The bracelet over powers the charm. If I got a bracelet with that size charm on it I would not like it a bit. So I decided to send them back and find another dealer to buy the charms from, go ahead and just buy them now instead of waiting til the others reached the other company. Easy enough? WRONG!! First I have no car to go to the post office to return the charms and then my credit card I am using won't let me have credit for the money I have already paid them! What the crap? Apparently you can only pay you limit amount once in a month's period. Say you have a $300 limit then $300 is all you can pay. I paid the card off and then re-charged it up and then made another payment on it but they won't put it on the card b/c I have already paid the amount once this month. Ahhhhhhhhh! This is crazy in my opinion but I guess it does not matter b/c that is the way Capital One works. "what's in YOUR Wallet?" Not CO anymore!

Rant 3:

T!! So as I am in my search of how I can pull off buying my charms now I look at the online statements for another credit card and find a charge for something I did not recognize. It was $15 to a Cattle Co. I called my dear husband at work and asked him. He said, "I went out to lunch last week with some of the guys at work, I thought they were paying but it didn't turn out that way." Ok, I asked him "Well why did you not say anything before now?" Him, "I did not think it was a big deal." Me: "It won't be a big deal if you would just tell me stuff instead of me having to find it out." I tell him EVERYTHING I buy even if it costs $2.00. *sighs* Why does he think I do not have a right to know stuff. It is not that hard to just mention going out to eat. His excuse will probably be "I forgot." How do you forget you just spent $15 on lunch at a steak house. He is like talking to a brick wall. What if I looked at the statement and it had not posted and I charged something on the card thinking that I had enough room on it and we went over. Then would it be "not a big deal"?

Ok on to the Raves....

Rave 1:

I am on my period and I can use that as an excuse to order Pizza tonight for super. I am.

Rave 2:

We got a call from "Itty Bitty's" pedi last night and told us that we could take her off of her apnea monitor totally.

Rave 3:

Beth sort of crawled last night using a scoot/crawl combo! She was so cute, sort of looked like one of those frogs with sticky feet. She made it across the floor in no time flat.

Rave 4:

I have a beautiful daughter and a husband that does love me (he just has some issues).

Monday, September 12, 2005


As I mentioned in my previous post that my mother wanted me to go back to Greenville with her so they could spend time with Elizabeth and so that my little sister could see her. Well did I get a guilt trip this morning! I logged onto one of Elizabeth's sites and found this in her guestbook:

Hi Baby Elizabeth, This your Nana again, I just wanted to let you know that your Aunt B was looking at your pictures last Sunday night and then the water fall started. It seems she misses your mother and you so very much. I had to rescue your pictures before she rained on them. I am coming to see you next weekend. I have missed you greatly. Love you muchly Nana

Argh! Now what do I do? I know my sister really wants to see the baby. I guess I should go up there. Maybe we can do something special with her and the baby. She is busy though with school and work. That is another thing I don't like going up there and then being stuck w/o a car and not at my house. I am sure you know what I are at your familys house but it is not like being at YOUR house.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Under the Weather

I wish I could pass my cold off to someone. I am not sure why I am sick, I never go around anyone to have caught it from someone. I keep trying to give it to T but he does not want it. I am trying my best to keep it from Beth. She has not been sick since she was born and I don't want to be the one that causes her to break her streak.

At first I thought it was just a sore throat. Was getting a little excited because as weird as it sounds that was what happened to me right after I got pregnant with Beth. I would wake up with a sore throat every morning for about a week or so. This sore throat I think is just that, a sore throat.

I am waiting my beading supplies in the mail still. They are at the post office but I can't get them. Apparently they are bigger than the mail box. I dislike not having mail delivered to my house. I need to get busy because I have 41 bracelets to make!!


My mom and dad want to come down next weekend and then they want me to go back to Greenville with them. I do not really want to go back. I want to but I don't, ever feel that way? I want to so my little sister can spend more time with Beth. I don't want to because I will be away from T and Beth is really close to crawling. I don't want to be up there and her do it and her Daddy not get to see it when she first starts. He says he does not care but I know he does. I also do not like T having to make that long drive by himself, he has sleep apnea and falls asleep driving!! Ah! He worries me so much.

Well I am off to go blow my nose for the 34652 time today!!

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Living in Texas the nearest big city to us, Beaumont, is getting a lot of the Hurricane Katrina victims. We only get 3 channels where I live so all that is on TV right now is about the hurricane and the devestation it has brought.

Several news casts have brought me to tears. The one of the 9 month pregnant woman going into labor in a sweltering car, stuck on a bridge with no medical care. The one with the woman walking, just walking with no idea of where to go or what to do caring her twins in one carrier trying to sheild them from the sun. The one with the babies mostly get to me, I guess because I have a baby myself.

We have gathered clothes that we can no longer wear to take to the shelter that most of the victims were taken to.

There was a news story on the local channel about a woman who gave birth in Beaumont. She was from New Orleans. She got here just in time, she went into premature labor. The baby and mom are fine. The mom said the baby's name is Destiny, her father named her right before he passed. The baby's father was killed in Iraq in May. I have done all I can to try to get information on how to get ahold of her. T and I would like to offer her a room at our house. No one can point me in the right direction.

I called Red Cross to ask about it and they told me that Social Services would have to approve the homes. She said once the victims go under care of them they have to place them. To me this seems rather picky. I could understand it if it was a child/ren we were wanting, but a grown person?

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bad Bad Blogger!

I know I am a bad blogger. Why do I do this? Start something and not keep at it. Is it in my nature? I hope not. I really hate starting something and then not either finishing it or continuing it. I apologize! (Not that there is many people reading this, but still!)

So what have I been doing? Not updating my blog, ha! I have been being Mommy to Elizabeth, she keeps me on my toes. I can only imagine what it is going to be like when she starts to crawl then walk. So if only she keeps me busy why is my mind thinking about another?!?! Yes, another, a baby. Shooting for a boy. So I whipped out my online gender calendar. Our best shot this month? It says Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Who knows. Am I crazy? A seven-month itch?

Beth is a joy. She is getting up on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth. As T says, she knows what to do with her back legs just not her front legs. We are slowly working on the eating with a spoon. Today she did pretty well. At lunch she ate about 10 spoonfuls and then dinner about 20 or so. I am a proud Mommy. T is trying desperately to teach her how to say DaDa. I want her to say it so he will stop saying it. We are still not sure when she will have surgery to fix her "owie." I will have to get new pictures of her up soon.

I have also started making jewelry. Right now I have mostly bracelets made up but have ordered supplies to do earrings and necklaces. I am liking it so far. Most of the time I have to do it at night after T and Beth go to bed. I can't tend to their constant needs and bead. I have a HUGE order for bracelets. I have over 35 ordered! Wow. I never thought I would get that big of a response so soon. I am waiting for my supplies for this specific bracelet. I am working on a photo box to take pictures of the pieces I make. It is hard to "just" take a picture of jewelry due to size and light bouncing in and out of stones. I could buy a ready made photo box for $30 but I decided to make it for half that price, plus it makes me feel like I have accomplished something.